The Importance of Attendance!!

At Cook Inlet Native Head Start we are working with our families in getting them and their children set up for success in school.  For us, attendance our biggest goal in getting children transitioned into the environment of learning.  It is amazing how much better children do even in pre-school when they attend regularly.

This had me reflect on how attendance effected me in college when I was there on a regular basis at at class every single day.  It is easy to miss a day of class at the University level, but when you are there every day, wow, it makes a world of difference.  Please see these points below:

Five Ways Attendance Is Vital to Your Higher Education

  1. Attendance is directly correlated with grades. An article published by Minnesota State University cited a study that demonstrated the relationship between class-related time commitments to the students’ overall course performance. The results? The most valuable time commitment was the time actually spent in the classroom. While studying and homework are important, it’s usually the class itself that ties together readings, tests, and concepts that are important to the subject. And of course grades could be the difference between finishing college and not finishing; in college, grades reflect your success in learning the material and can help lead to scholarships.
  2. Attendance increases your support system. Regular attendance makes it more likely that your professors will recognize you and your contributions on an individual basis, and increase their motivation to help you when you’re struggling. Also, the more you attend class, the more likely you’ll be to make friends in the class. When you have people with whom you can study and exchange ideas, you’ll likely be more motivated to work hard (and perhaps even enjoy class time).
  3. Attendance places value on education. If you’re really interested in not only succeeding in college, but also enriching your life, attendance is key. Students can become so focused on the earning the degree and passing classes that postsecondary education becomes a kind of game. Go to class to avoid the tendency to see school as a series of hoops for jumping through. Make connections between what you’re reading, what you’re hearing, and what you’re producing for tests. The more you make an effort to appreciate the material for its own sake, the more you’re valuing the education itself.
  4. Attendance enables networking. In addition to having a greater support network of peers and professors who know your name, attendance can also be invaluable once you graduate. Need references? Talk to your professors. They are more likely to write letters for you if they know you and what makes you a unique thinker with something to contribute. Need job leads? Ask your classmates. Even if they aren’t in the position to hire you, their recommendation can go a long way if they know someone who is.
  5. Attendance helps you get the most for your money. Let’s face it, college costs are increasing each year, and ultimately, you are paying for an education. If you get the job based on the fact that you have a degree but you haven’t actually learned anything, your success at that job isn’t likely, and you’ll be in a similar position to someone who hasn’t invested money in a good education.


I fount these five points online at and the author is below.

About the Author
Melissa Bullard earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, then a Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literatures from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has taught writing, literature, and Spanish classes, and is currently working as a freelance writer, translator, and piano teacher.

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