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What do Bill Gates and college students have in common?

Both of them need a budget!  These days, nothing can more significantly cripple you
than having poor credit.  The easiest way to prevent them from happening is to not
make mistakes early on, therefore making… (read more)

Internship available!

Junior Achievement is offering a summer internship at the office for high school juniors
and seniors.  This person will be assisting in major fundraisers, program implementation,
gain experience with the Raiser’s Edge database system,… (read more)

Want a great career? Here’s what your future employers expect

Skills / Competencies
Reading – Able to comprehend written material and take appropriate action.
Speaking - Expresses ideas clearly and concisely to individuals and in groups; has good customer communication skills; gives clear direction.
Writing (read more)

Thanksgiving Traditions

This week is Thanksgiving, a time for family and friends to gather and give thanks for the blessings in their lives.  In my family, we had some wonderful family traditions that included Charlie Brown, sledding,… (read more)

Unusual story about motivation for college

A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I were out and the conversation turned to reasons why we had all enrolled in college.  Some were what you would expect, but I was… (read more)

Tips for a Successful Interview

Last week, I spent a week preparing students for job interviews by hosting a mock-session with them. Becoming comfortable with the process, and questions you will be asked, will help you when faced with the… (read more)

An unusual (but worthwhile) skill to put on your resume!

Page 172 in the book ‘Becoming A Master Student’ has a really nice summary about how note-taking in college is a valuable skill to develop, because it is SO important in the workplace.  As… (read more)