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Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program

This is just an informational post.  If you are employed full-time and work in a public service field you may qualify for the following program.  This program could also be of interest to people who … (read more)

Graduate School Funding by Field

As per the 2012 zoomerang results, the #2 area students have requested help in is educational funding.  I decided to post the following link to a U.S. News article on potential funding organizations by field … (read more)

Why Join a Professional Group?

I recently read an article by Kelly Cherwin of Higheredjobs.comon the importance of joining a professional group to advance your career.  She discusses the three main reasons to join a professional group as 

  1. Enhance your
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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2011 Starting Salaries

A recent edition of Chemistry and Engineering (C&E) News published the 2011 starting salaries with no experience for chemistry and chemical engineering with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.

I won’t summarize all of the … (read more)

Tips for Staying on Track During the Spring Semester

Since we are deep into the spring semester and the weather is hopefully becoming nicer for the majority of people in school, I thought it would be good to share tips on staying focused.  I … (read more)

Ten Mistakes for Anyone to Avoid

I received the following article recently from the American Physical Society (APS).  The article is of a researcher and instructor looking back on his life on mistakes he should have corrected, but only learned with time.  … (read more)

Graduate School Application Deadlines Are Near

This is just a reminder that applications for graduate school in many cases are coming near.  Hopefully you have already asked for letters of recommendation from professors, but if you haven’t below is an brief … (read more)

Using Technology in the Classroom

In years past I have used various forms of technology in the classroom to get students engaged in the lesson.  Chemistry isn’t exactly an “edge of your seat” course and as a previous instructor you … (read more)

Despite strong fiscal positions, elite liberal arts colleges have started to question the long-term viability of the sector’s financial and educational models.

Here is an interesting article I came across from  It discusses how schools are beginning to change their fiscal model in charging students for tuition, room & board, etc.

Starting to Worry

October 10, … (read more)

Colleges Try to Unlock Secrets to Student Retention

I found the following article on the website Education Week and found it a very interesting read.  I believe the article is pretty clear and will hopefully open up interesting conversation.

Greg Cushing

FOCUS ON: … (read more)