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Communicating with your Professor

It has been my experience that students tend to be more reserved when speaking with a professor during the course of the semester.  A few students will feel more comfortable when asking a professor a question … (read more)

Advice for New Graduate Students

Recently, I came across an advice article for new graduate students.  After considering the study habits suggested in the article and the discussed road to success, I agree that personally I went down a similar path.  … (read more)

Starting your graduate program at the beginning of the summer.

I would like to suggest to students to attempt to start their graduate program at the beginning of the summer if possible.  It has been my past experience that if you are going to enroll … (read more)

Keeping ethics relevant

The following article can be found at Physics Today.  The article is a perspective from an instructor from Eastern Michigan University where  Marshall Thomsen teaches an ethics class each year.  He points to the … (read more)

Doctoral Dilemma

Doctoral Dilemma PDF

The current state of the economy has been the topic of much discussion for many people lately.  The downturn in the economy has taken its toll on many different job sectors including … (read more)