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Voice your opinion and provide your feedback on a variety of topics on KEF’s Student Blog . We want to know how you feel on subjects of cross cultural communication, your college experiences, barriers you have encountered and how you overcome the challenges that you face.

This is an opportunity to help and learn from your fellow peers who are just as engaged in the college arena and trying to make ends meet. Topics are facilitated by KEF Mentors and other volunteer authors. If you're interested in becoming a KEF blog author, please send your request to Visit this blog often as new topics will be introduced on a regular basis.

The perils of transfer credit

Camai, is it really almost Easter already? I have been terribly remiss in blogging this year, but I will follow the advice that we give people trying to quit smoking- if you slip up, acknowledge … (read more)

Tips for Staying on Track During the Spring Semester

Since we are deep into the spring semester and the weather is hopefully becoming nicer for the majority of people in school, I thought it would be good to share tips on staying focused.  I … (read more)

Summer opportunities

Hi again! I know as a college student I was always looking for something exciting to do over the summer that would help me decide on/gain experience for my future career, but often found difficulty without … (read more)

Embracing and sharing our heritage

KEF students live and study all over the country and world, but we have our Alutiiq heritage in common. It has been a privilege to get to know many of you through KEF and thus … (read more)

Interview skills

Hello – my name is Alex Cleghorn and I was a KEF scholarship recipient while I was in law school.  I’ve been a lawyer for 8 years and have interviewed for many jobs.  In the … (read more)

Deciding to go to college

When I first left home to start my freshmen year in college, I had just little understanding of what to expect.  I heard so many different stories from people of all ages, about how I … (read more)

Stay in school

My mother gave me the best advice to stay in college.  On a couple of occasions, I considered taking time off or switching my major (again).  She encouraged me and told me to stick with … (read more)

First Alaskans Institute – Summer Internship 2012

Are you looking for an excellent internship opportunity in Alaska this summer?  If so, the deadline for the First Alaskans Institute 2012 Summer Internship Program is Friday, March 16th.  The link below will explain what … (read more)

Action Precedes Motivation

Sometimes you feel like you are just waiting for something to spark your motivation. You feel like you only need to think about your assignment for a while and gather some ideas, and then eventually … (read more)

Classroom style learning or Distance Education?

Hello! My name is Janissa Johnson and I am currently a KEF Board member. I was previously a KEF scholarship recipient and staff member and I am excited to continue to support such a great … (read more)