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Staying motivated!

Accomplishing your academic goals can be a long road. It is easy to get discouraged or loose sight of your end goal in the midst of it. What are some ways one can stay motivated… (read more)

Summer 2012 Internship Opportunity – Indian Land Tenure Foundation

Are you still looking for a paid internship this summer? The Indian Land Tenure Foundation is offering a great chance for those that are interested. The deadline for application is February 15, 2012. Here is… (read more)

Tip: Get your taxes done before you do your FAFSA!

I know it sounds crazy to be thinking of taxes this early in the year, but it really is a good idea to get your taxes done BEFORE you do your FAFSA… (read more).  It makes

It’s FAFSA time!

Hello everyone, Don’t forget …it’s that time of year to get your FAFSA done.  Many colleges have FAFSA deadlines for priority financial aid in mid-February… (read more), some even earlier.  Check with the financial aid office

Arctic Sounder article about Kiana woman who is starting her career as Dental Therapist

Sinking teeth into dental career: Kiana woman returns to Arctic with new skills… (read more)
by Hannah Heimbuch in the Arctic Sounder  …
Just after the New Year, Jana Schuerch will return to the Northwest Arctic with

Graduate School Application Deadlines Are Near

This is just a reminder that applications for graduate school in many cases are coming near.  Hopefully you have already asked for letters of recommendation from professors, but if you haven’t below is an brief… (read more)

Using Technology in the Classroom

In years past I have used various forms of technology in the classroom to get students engaged in the lesson.  Chemistry isn’t exactly an “edge of your seat” course and as a previous instructor you… (read more)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a nice break, got your batteries recharged, and are ready to head back to school. If this is your first year in college, now you have a better… (read more)

Using Alutiiq Language in Correspondence

I almost always use Alutiiq language in my email and mail correspondence, but I always consider the context before doing so.  This blog post can help you decide when use of Alutiiq terms might be… (read more)

Importance of routines – get back into them before school starts!

Stress is unavoidable in college, but staying in balance makes a big difference.
Most people drink and eat more under stress and also sleep  and exercise less.  Instead of going for another bowl of instant noodles… (read more)