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More survival tips for the Non-traditional student.

Well. I applied for my first scholarship to attend graduate courses last week. For those canny readers who remember that my path to the undergraduate degree wasn’t without its bumps (I was apparently on the … (read more)

Getting into Medical School

Hello everyone!  My husband is in his third year of medical school and I’ve been with him the whole way.  So here are some tips from him that I’ve learned along the way.

Getting into medical … (read more)

How I chose my college

I always knew I wanted to go to college.   I know that at least by fifth grade it was already in my plans.  In high school, I took all the right classes, got mostly A’s … (read more)

Colleges Try to Unlock Secrets to Student Retention

I found the following article on the website Education Week and found it a very interesting read.  I believe the article is pretty clear and will hopefully open up interesting conversation.

Greg Cushing

FOCUS ON: … (read more)

Steps needed to navigate into medical school

One topic students expressed interest in is “steps needed to navigate into medical school.” As a final year medical student, I want to open up discussion here on the long, but very, very rewarding road … (read more)

Motivation will wax and wane

I remember being absolutely excited at the beginning of each semester – I met new people, classes had the potential to change how I thought and what I knew, and my new textbooks were brimming … (read more)

Myth Busters Quiz

As many of you are already know, there are numerous myths about Native Americans/Alaska Natives. Recently, I stumbled onto a Myth Busters effort sponsored by the American Indian College Fund.

Although some of the questions … (read more)

Communicating with your Professor

It has been my experience that students tend to be more reserved when speaking with a professor during the course of the semester.  A few students will feel more comfortable when asking a professor a question … (read more)

Taking a Break – Good Idea?

After two years at school working on my undergraduate degree I decided I needed to return home to Alaska for a year to get my bearings.  I was weary from continual East Coast culture shock, … (read more)

Stressed out? Some tips on how to manage stress and stay healthy when life gets crazy…

As any student knows, life inevitably gets crazy balancing papers, tests, family, friends, work, etc. Managing stress well can make a huge difference on your academic and personal well-being. I’d like this blog to be … (read more)