Don Poulos

Employment: Construction Manager at ICRC; Senior Project Scheduler of ICRC Port of Anchorage Expansion Project
Experience: Over 10 years of experience in Construction Management & Project Management; specializes in heavy equipment; NCOO certified Crane Operator;
Location: Anchorage, AK
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Other Interests: Management

Don Poulos
KEF Mentor

Don Poulos was born in Juneau, AK and raised on Kodiak Island. He graduated from Kodiak High School in 1983. After High school Don commercial fished with his family and began his construction career.
Don also specializes in heavy equipment, and was an NCOO certified Crane Operator with the 302 Operating Engineers in Alaska.

Don has worked in Construction Management, and Project Management, for over ten years scheduling and overseeing projects in remote Alaska, and throughout the state. His project management involvement includes the undertaking of procuring supplies, scheduling freight within complex and tight timetables and weather conditions, data collection, and keeping projects on task within deadlines with minimal delay. He’s able to address environmental concerns, hazmat compliance, and works closely with federal and government agencies to ensure acquiescence. Don works with multiple contractors; collaborates with Alaska Native villages regarding details and needs of project scope, including disruptions and/or delays, employment needs and training opportunities, and tolerance guidelines. He serves as a project manager on both water and sewer projects, as well as, bulk fuel projects throughout the State of Alaska.

Don works for ICRC (A Subsidiary of VSE Corporation) as a Construction Manager. He is the Senior Project Scheduler and Cost Estimator for the ICRC Port of Anchorage Expansion Project.

As part of the mentorship program he truly believes in furthering your education and enhancing your career path. The KEF mentoring program is a great way to network; and should help to give some guidance and security to innovative students entering college.

Don enjoys being a Mentor keeping an open channel for new college students so they can reach out for support and leadership during their initial start up and career path.

Don is also the President of The Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering through Total Cost Management – AACE Alaska section; which is also part of Project Controls Management.

Don and his family continue to visit Kodiak to enjoy sport fishing, and to visit friends, and family.

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