Laura Muller

Employment: Tobacco Control Manager at American Lung Association in Alaska
Education: B.S. Liberal Studies; Course work experience in Political Science, Government and International studies
Location: Anchorage, AK
Contact e-mail:
Other Interests: Learning Disabilities, non-traditional students, community organizing.

Laura Muller
KEF Mentor

Laura Daigle Muller is one of the world’s few Alutiiq-Cajuns with a mother from the Village of Ouzinkie and a father from small town Louisiana. Raised as a navy-brat, she has been an Anchorage resident for the past 15 years with her Ouzinkie-Native husband, (Jack) who is a long-time Journeyman Carpenter and three children with ages ranging from kindergarten to high school.

Laura was a “professional student”, stay-at-home mom, and dedicated volunteer for the decade after graduating high school in 1993 but earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College in 2010, after years of course work in Political Science and Government and International studies.

In 2012, she began working for the Ouzinkie Native Corporation (ONC) serving as Vice President. At ONC, Laura is part of a team that works closely with the Board of Directors to best manage corporation assets and investments, protect Ouzinkie’s unique cultural heritage, sustain healthy community partnerships, while remaining accountable to shareholder owners.

Before working for her village corporation, Laura served as Director of Program Services and Advocacy at the March of Dimes and Tobacco Control Manager for the American Lung Association in Alaska, specializing in public health advocacy. Laura’s experience included coordinating community coalitions, advocacy campaigns, and public health education. In her time at ALA, Laura also helped design and implement a youth advocacy and empowerment mini-grant program.

In Laura’s volunteer life, she’s ranged from Girl Scout leader to Director of Patient Support for the national non-profit maternal health organization the Preeclampsia Foundation (PF). During her time with the PF, Laura helped build and administer one of the first of its kind interactive health information online forum staffed by trained volunteers to help families suffering from high-risk pregnancies.

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