Loren Anderson

Employment: Cultural Programs Manager at Alaska Native Heritage Center
Field of Study: Community & Rural Development
Education: Aspiring Alutiiq Artist; Graduate at Humanities Forum Leadership Anchorage; Course Work in Community & Rural Development.
Location: Anchorage, AK
Contact e-mail: LAnderson@alaskanative.net

Loren Anderson
KEF Mentor

Hello, my name is Loren Anderson. My father, William Anderson is from the city of Kodiak and my mother, Elizabeth “Lisa” Nelson, is from the village of Afognak. Early in my life we moved to Oak Harbor, Washington, where I lived most of my childhood.  When I was young we traveled frequently to Port Lions when school was out for the summer.  Growing up in Oak Harbor, Washington, my parents continued to instill in me all the traditional values of our culture and of our family.  Even though I grew up in an urban environment I finally realized I was still learning, living, and perpetuating my Sugpiaq (Alutiiq) culture.  When you are in a culture sometimes its difficult to realize you are part of a culture.

Today I reside in Anchorage were I’ve been employed by the Alaska Native Heritage Center for the last 9 years as the Cultural Programs Manager.  Some of my duties at the Heritage Center include organizing Alaska Native Cultural Awareness Workshops, developing budgets, facilitating school visits, performing at outreaches, supervising summertime staff, and managing cultural events and celebrations.  I have served on the elections and information committees for my Regional Native Corporation, Koniag Inc.  I’m also filling a role as a Mentor for the Koniag Education Foundation. I was recently elected to serve on the Native Village of Afognak Tribal Council.  I am presently the chairperson for the Village of Afognak finance committee and I also serve as an advisor on the Alutiiq Language Preservation Project.  I am also a graduate of the Humanities Forum Leadership Anchorage program.

I am still continuing my education at the University of Fairbanks where I am a senior in the Community and Rural Development Program with a 3.8 grade point average.

I helped form the traditional Sugpiat dance group, Imamsuat. I compose Native songs; create art, and fill the role of a tradition bearer when I’m called upon.   I continually strive to promote our culture and instill pride in our youth.  People who have worked with me describe my work ethic as outstanding and my attitude always positive.

Contact Loren Anderson

KEF students may contact this Mentor at LAnderson@alaskanative.net