Career Development


Award: Up to $1,000; multiple recipients per year
Deadline: No deadline

Career Development Scholarships are awarded to individuals enrolled in non-degree programs such as licensing and certification trainings, workshops or other career advancing programs.


  • Enrollment in a non-degree program
  • Demonstrate that training/program will benefit marketability, job security and/or job advancement.
  • Applicants must be Alaska Native shareholders or descendants (may be adopted) of the Koniag Region.
  • All applicants who are not currently enrolled in the Koniag, Inc. descendant or shareholder database must complete the descendant database form and submit the form to Shareholder Relations at Koniag, Inc. Please see form for details. For more information regarding the Descendant Database Form and enrollment shareholder ID’s, please e-mail or call (800) 658-3818.

*KEF offers merit-based scholarships to our shareholders and descendants. Awards may vary depending on availability of funds. Applications must be postmarked or time-stamped by deadline. Awarded funds are disbursed directly to the program, and can not be applied to accounts in arrears. Please allow two weeks for processing.

**Because KEF is a private nonprofit, IRS regulations require that all scholarship and career development funds must be mailed directly to the institute where training is taking place.

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